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My dictionary on the historical queer lexicon


Nicholas Lo Vecchio. 2020. Dictionnaire historique du lexique de l’homosexualité. Transferts linguistiques et culturels entre français, italien, espagnol, anglais et allemand. Strasbourg: Éditions de Linguistique et de Philologie (ÉLiPhi).


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Other articles and collaborative works


Forthcoming articles cited below that have not been published by the end of the year (at the latest) will be released here as white papers. 

Nicholas Lo Vecchio. 2024. “Delocutive bougre and Its Lessons for Historical Pragmatics.” Video poster with transcript. INPRA 10: International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics and Communication, Università di Pisa, 30 May to 1 June 2024.

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Nicholas Lo Vecchio. Forthcoming. Translation as the Site of Lexical Creation and Analysis: Examples from the Historical Queer Lexicon.

Nicholas Lo Vecchio. Forthcoming. “For a Sociolexicology of Queer Naming: On Problematizing the LGBTQ Lexicon in Historical Linguistics.” Commissioned for Battlefield Linguistics: Contemporary Contestations of Language, Gender, and Sexuality, to be published by De Gruyter.

Nicholas Lo Vecchio. Forthcoming. Review article of Laura Wright, The Social Life of Words (2023).


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A very short summary of my dissertation (in French) was published in 2019 in the open access journal GLAD! 6.


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