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AI and peer review: Official journal response

This update follows on earlier posts (20 Dec. 2023; 31 Jan. and 7 Feb. 2024) reporting on the use of generative AI in the peer review of a research paper. I received an official response by email from the mediAzioni journal editors on Thursday, 22 February 2024. Attached to that email were detailed responses from […]

Updates on the AI peer review incident

[This post has been updated, below, and see here most recently for the journal’s response.] This post provides an update on the AI peer review incident reported previously on this site, in December 2023. The article described here had been commissioned for a special issue of mediAzioni journal (Università di Bologna – Forlì), to be […]

Unethical academics, AI, and peer review

[See updates to this post here and here.] It has come to my attention that academics are now using generative AI (Chat GPT or whatever) to conduct their peer reviews. Just now, in mid-December 2023, I received two reviewer reports, written in English, from a language journal based in Italy. Both reviewers assessed my submitted […]